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Brand Awareness

Are you looking to dazzle your audience? With personalized videos you can give viewers individualized attention that was previously impossible. Have your CEO, a celebrity or spokesperson address each person by name


Are you looking to drive growth to your company and improve your sales conversions? We can generate videos for you in real time to hit your sales goals. Personalized CTAs are 202% more likely to convert


Are you a non-profit looking to build a better donor experience? Recut makes sure your audience understands your cause, and helps you stand out from the rest of the field.

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Engage Audiences

Greet viewers by name in 1x1 communication or geography in broader channels (e.g. "Hey NY!")

Awe Viewers

Have your CEO or a celebrity greet your audience, or have the sales rep they'll be chatting with do it!

Delight Customers

Reference previous interactions you've had with the audience - thank them for their last purchase!

Charm Listeners

Dynamically change the script you use in each video to ensure your message resonates with your audience

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